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BANNER Support


For Department Chairs

Forms available to you:

(Click on a form name for a description and photo of the form.)
Banner Course Catalog Information
    SCACRSE Basic Course Information Form
    SCARRES Course Registration Restriction Form
Course Section Information/Class Rosters
    SSASECT Schedule Form
    SSASECQ Schedule Section Query Form
    SSARRES Section Registration Restriction Form
    SYASLST Class Roster Query Form
Student/Person Information
    SGASTDN General Student Form
    SGAADVR Multiple Advisors Form
    SFAREGQ Registration Query Form
    SFAREGS Student Course Registration Form
    SHADEGR Degrees and Other Formal Awards Form
    SHATERM Term Sequence Course History Form
    SPAIDEN Identification Form
    SPATELE Telephone Form
    GOAEMAL E-mail Address Form
Faculty Information
    SIAASGQ Faculty Schedule Query Form
    SIAIQRY Faculty/Advisor Query Form
    SIAINST Faculty Information Query Form
    SOAFAVQ Available Faculty By Term Query Form
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